Seatrade restarted activities in Paranaguá Port

Seatrade Port & Logistics Services continues to expand its operation in the maritime agency sector, and resumes its activities in Paranaguá Port, in the state of Paraná.

Beginning in January 2021, the company restarted its activities, having appointed for its first operation the ship NM Tenca Arrow to escalate the Paranaguá Port under the company’s management. In the operation, volumes of cellulose were shipped to Asia.

Operating as a port agent, involving all the processes that precede the arrival and mooring of the ship, the acting with customers and Port Operator provided a satisfactory operational logistics to all sectors directly or indirectly involved.

“This is the first step towards local growth. Considering the wide experience of all professionals involved, we are optimistic to affirm that we will operate in the other segments very soon,” celebrates Erivelton da Silva Nascimento, Branch Manager.

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Quality, swiftness and competence

We have 30 years of tradition in port operations, associated with a solid administrative structure, high class staff, and a business model that aims to meet the needs of customers.

Since its foundation in 1988, the company prioritizes investments in technology and infrastructure that increase even more the swiftness and security in the operations. Besides, the company has at its disposal its own equipment in order to reduce costs, time, and raise productivity.
Therefore, Seatrade is known as one of the most complete logistics operator in the region, with vast experience in port operations of import, export, and other services, as well as excellence in general cargo and projects.